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Case Studies

B2c keto supplement store

We helped a store operating entirely on Amazon build a new site from scratch so they could own their own media. The went from 0 to 30,000 visits/mo in eight months.


Outcomes / results


words of content produced over 6 months.


keywords showing up in Google


monthly organic traffic by month eight

How’d we do?

We were able to help create an aggressive, SEO-driven content strategy for a brand new site in the competitive keto space.

Despite having only a handful of SKUs, through a blog-heavy content strategy, we were able to generate 60,000 words of content over six months, rank for more than 18,000 keywords in Google, and generate over 30,000 monthly organic visits by month eight.

organic traffic

organic keywords


About the project


This store was an FBA-based business operating entirely on Amazon. Amazon is great, but you don’t own any of the media, and if something changes on Amazon, you’re up a creek. This business wanted to own their own media to diversify traffic, customer acquisition, and revenue.

Our Role

Ranq’s role was to come up with an aggressive content strategy that would generate traffic from Google with little to no products (or product pages) on the site, and we had to do it on a site that was brand new and had no authority.


Project challenges


This business faced a few different challenges, and most of them came from starting a site from scratch and not having very many products.

Challenge #1

We were starting from scratch. New sites always take longer to generate traffic, and this site was brand spanking new. We had no authority or existing content to build on. 

Challenge #2

We didn’t have many products to write about. Few products = few pages that can generate traffic., so our keyword research and content strategy has to be more outside-the-box. 

Challenge #3

The keto space is competitive. As an industry, keywords in the keto space, especially those that mention products, tend to be quite a bit more competitive than average. 

Challenge #4

We needed to write at scale. Because we were starting from scratch, to meet the goals we’d set, the content strategy needed to be a lot more aggressive. 


Our strategy / approach


We leaned on an approach we use with lots of eCommerce clients, we just leaned on it more heavily and got a lot more aggressive: good blogging.

We blogged.

Because we only had a few products in the store, we focused heavily on the blog, where we could publish lots of pages and therefore give ourselves plenty of opportunities to rank in Google.

Pockets of low competition.

The keto space is competitive, but there are always pockets of low-competition. Instead of competing for the hard stuff, we found pockets of low competition we could elbow our way into.

We answered questions.

Instead of just writing about products, we instead tried to find the problems our potential customers would be having and tried to solve them with both information and gentle nudges toward our products..

We tested.

It’s generally not enough to just write a bunch of content. After publishing, we tested and optimized continuously to produce more of the kinds o content that was generating the most revenue.