Meet the team - RANQ.

Perrin Carrell

Co-founder &
Strategy Lead

Jordan Lowry

Co-founder &
Technical Lead

Clint Worthington

Senior Content &
Project Manager

About Perrin

Perrin is an SEO and content expert with over a decade of experience. He’s helped hundreds of businesses increase their organic visibility; he’s built, grew, and sold four sites from scratch; and he’s personally written and published over 2,000 articles online. He’s managed both SEO and content teams, and he remains an industry leader.

About Jordan

Jordan is an industry-leading technical SEO expert with nearly a decade of experience. He’s worked with startups, publicly-traded e-commerce stores, national apartment brands, and a variety of other online businesses. Jordan helps set overall strategy and handles technical audits and the implementation of technical solutions. 

About Clint

Clint Worthington is a content and project manager who’s spent the last ten years immersed in SEO and blog writing, editing, and proofreading. He’s also a film and TV critic with headlines in Vulture, IndieWire, Consequence of Sound, The Takeout, and others, and is the founder and editor-in-chief of The Spool. He lives in Chicago with his wife, his cat, and too many Criterion Collection Blu-rays.