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How Ranq Works

At its core, a successful SEO campaign relies on three things:

  • reputable site authority.
  • robust technical SEO.
  • a strong, tactical content strategy.

We at Ranq strive to deliver all that and more within a system that’s easy to understand and streamlined for maximum communication. We’ll do the work and keep you in the loop every step of the way.

Here’s how we work:

1. We listen to you.

Between emails and meetings, we’ll talk to you about your business. Who are your customers, and how much are they worth? What are you selling? How do you want to talk about yourself and be talked about? What are your most pressing SEO needs?

2. We perform SEO, content, and competitor audits.

Meanwhile, we’ll take our own independent look at your website through our suite of SEO tools (Ahrefs, SEMrush, Google Search Console, and others) to determine your site health, current traffic, and domain authority. We’ll also pore over your website and any marketing materials you provide to build our impression of your brand’s voice, the topics you’ve covered, and where you could stand to improve on both.

Our content and editorial team will also build a dedicated content guide to share with you, allowing us to gain and demonstrate a working understanding of you and your product/service. Any feedback on our content will go in there as well. This way, we’ve got a living document we can all refer to in order to keep any new content we create in keeping with your content needs.

3. We come up with a strategic digital marketing plan.

Given those findings, our department leads put their heads together to build a strategy document you can review. If you like it, we can get to work; if not, we can refine it till you do.

4. We polish your website's technical and on-page SEO.

In the first couple weeks of working together, our technical team works hard to build up your site’s SEO health score by making some of the most immediate, pressing changes your website needs.

Then, we build a pipeline of on-page optimizations and sitewide fixes to work through over the course of our project.

5. We build our content strategy.

Armed with the info we’ve collected on you and your competitors, we do an initial round of keyword research to assemble a batch of solid keywords on which we can build a robust content strategy. 

Meanwhile, we pitch two pilot articles we can outline, draft, and send to you in Week 3, so you can get a feel for how we write, make any adjustments, and kick off our content strategy in earnest.

From there, we build out a strong pipeline of blog content we can create for you. Once greenlit by you, our editors and writers get to work, performing deep keyword research for each piece and building robust outlines you can approve before we write a word of prose.

Our strategy is usually based on content clusters vital to your business or niche. We work to build high-quality content that’s both relevant to your potential customers and targets the keywords you most want to rank for.

Want a direct comparison of your product to a competitor? Or just a thought-leader-y piece in your industry? Our dedicated editing and writing teams will work with you long-term to know your product as well as you do and write about it with equal authority.

We’ll also take the time to suggest and fulfill various content upgrades to existing high-value, revenue-generating pages, in tandem with our on-page technical optimizations.

6. We keep in touch with you at all times.

Throughout our work together, you’ll have real-time access to our entire team in several distinct ways:

  • A shared Slack channel for minute-by-minute access to every member of the team working on your project, including kickoff messages and summaries at the start and end of each work week
  • A Monday project plan, where you’ll see each item we’re working on every week and have the opportunity to approve content or send feedback on content and tech tasks
  • Remote video calls as needed to go over strategy, work on feedback, and report on wins and progress

Whether you need to get a bird’s-eye view of our SEO work or a simple question answered by a team member or department head, we’ll be here for you every step of the way.

Let's Work Together!

We’re a world-class team of SEOs, marketing strategists, writers, editors, and technical analysts who are ready to step in and be your SEO team.

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