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Case Studies

writing portfolio site

We helped a large site with a freemium business model grow their traffic by 303% and significantly expand both their user base and their revenue.

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Outcomes / results


words of content produced over 6 months.


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How’d we do?

We were able to solve a lot of the technical problems that occur with large sites with lots of user-generated content, coming up with creative, scalable solutions.

We also developed a rich, highly targeted content strategy that allowed us to target the exact kind of free user that would be likely to convert into a customer, which means that in addition to growing traffic, we were also able to grow revenue.

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About the project


This business offered a place for writers and journalists to create online profiles to showcase their work. It had a great value proposition, but it had massive amounts of user-generated content therefore significant technical obstacles. They also needed more (and more targeted) content.

Our Role

Ranq’s role was to come up with an aggressive content strategy that would generate traffic from Google with little to no products (or product pages) on the site, and we had to do it on a site that was brand new and had no authority.


Project challenges


This site had plenty of backlinks and traffic, but lots of it wasn’t relevant because there was so much user-generated content, which was also creating weird and complex technical issues.

Challenge #1

Tons of user-generated content. This site had tons of user-generated content, which presented enormous technical challenges and required scaled-up technical solutions.

Challenge #2

No content strategy. Despite having loads of user-generated content, there was no purpose-driven content strategy, which meant we weren’t targeting ROI-driven keywords.

Challenge #3

Traffic wasn’t driving sales. The pages that were attracting traffic weren’t driving sales, so we needed to create new content that was geared towards revenue rather than just traffic.

Challenge #4

Indexation problems. Because of the unwieldy nature of user-generated sites, there were significant problems with indexation, crawlability, and duplicate content.


Our strategy / approach


We leaned on an approach we use with lots of eCommerce clients, we just leaned on it more heavily and got a lot more aggressive: good blogging.

Increased crawlability.

This site had tons of user-generated content, which presented enormous technical challenges and required scaled-up technical solutions. We needed to make it much more efficient to crawl.

ROI-driven keywords.

We had some traffic, but not traffic that converted into paying customers. Our keyword research targeted people who were ready to sign up and who were likely to convert into bottom-line revenue.

Branded search.

Because this site was relatively popular and had its own branded search volume, we built some content and optimized key pages to capitalize on that, leveraging the growth of our popularity to create more revenue pipeline.

We blogged.

We created an aggressive content strategy for our new keywords and published high-quality blog content week over week, measuring the results and tweaking our strategy based on data.