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10 Shopify Blog Examples to Model Your Own Store After

If there’s one thing you need to know before you launch your own e-commerce store, it’s this: e-commerce stores need blogs to be seen.

While you may want to just put up your product and hope the right people find it, and not fuss over the time and effort it takes to maintain a blog, it’s just impossible in this day and age to build a business with just the products you have to sell.

Building a blog for your e-commerce site can be exhausting, but it pays off in spades. Sites who only have a limited number of pages (restricted to your products) only have the ability to rank for a certain number of keywords.

Expand your site’s reach by blogging about other topics within your niche, and watch your traffic soar (and your revenue as a result). 

If you need more detailed reasons for why your Shopify or other e-commerce store needs a blog to survive and thrive. In the meantime, let’s look at some Shopify stores whose blogs are earning them killer traffic.

10 Shopify Blog Examples to Model Your Own Store After

Perfect Keto

Niche: Health/Wellness

Estimated Traffic: ~320,000/month

Keto has exploded in the last few years as a diet and lifestyle plan for losing weight and regulating the foods you eat. Perfect Keto’s site capitalizes nicely on this with keto diet-friendly foods like protein bars, nut butters, and supplements for the picky keto eater’s pantry.

But their blog section is where the real value of their site lies. There, you’ll find recipe guides, topical grocery lists, tips for ordering keto-friendly takeout, and more. 

What’s more, there are evergreen posts there that provide much-needed resources to their audience, like a macro calculator that allows people to determine the right amount of carbs, fat, and protein they should eat to meet specific goals. 

By maintaining a steady stream of high-quality content (much of it from medical specialists and nutrition planners), Perfect Keto manages to build a reputable brand and draw keto-curious readers into their site. From there, conversions follow. 


Niche: Pet Care

Estimated Traffic: ~51,600/month

People love their cats; what would the Internet be without them, really? Cat litter company PrettyLitter knows this, which is why they’ve transformed what would normally be just a brand store for lighter, healthier cat litter into a one-stop resource for cat health.

There, you’ll find articles on how to deal with feline UTIs, guides for adopting new cats, tips for cleaning your cat’s ears, and more. It’s all helpful stuff that carries far more value to a cat owner than a site that just sells cat litter.

Plus, of course, there are all the cat pictures littering every blog post, which just has to be an added benefit. Sure, cat pictures are a dime a dozen online, but add solid, searchable information to them, and they can help you build your business. (If it’s about cats, to be clear.)

MVMT Watches

Niche: Accessories

Estimated Traffic: ~249,000/month

MVMT Watches is a company that sells high-end watches, all of them with cool, modernist designs, multiple watch faces, and slick watchbands. On top of that, they sell other high-end accessories like sunglasses, jewelry, and more.

But more than their slick presentation and professional photos of beautiful models showcasing their products, their real draw is their blog, which combines more detailed descriptions of new products with broader lifestyle content that solidifies MVMT as a desirable brand. 

Much of their brand relies on ‘influencers’ wearing their products and making content for them, selling the lifestyle that the watches illustrate just as much as the watches themselves. 

It seems to work, too; making your blog a niche resource is useful, to be sure, but sometimes you just need to show attractive people living their best lives with your product. Then the customers will follow.  


Niche: Accessories

Estimated Traffic: ~126,000/month

This tech-related blog takes advantage of the recent buzz around cryptocurrency and bitcoin by selling a hardware wallet that stores your crypto and allows for easy transfer.

But since crypto tends to get more traffic from social media than organic Google searches, their work has to be a bit more news-based, and their blog reflects that. 

New updates, from software to hardware to legislation, come out on a regular basis, and Ledger allows regular readers to keep up with everything that’s happening in the industry.

From updates on how cryptocurrency is weathering the COVID-19 pandemic, to using Netflix shows about bank robberies to extol the virtues of decentralized wealth, Ledger has a handle on how to leverage trends and topics to draw readers to its products. 

They also use their blogs to announce AMAs, product updates, and more. 


Niche: Health/Wellness

Estimated Traffic: ~338,000/month

Yoga is a niche that is perfect for this kind of blog-focused e-commerce store. Gaiam, a yoga equipment/apparel store, is well aware of this and has leveraged its blog to provide simple tips on everything from guided meditation to diet and wellness.

Once again, this kind of website is a perfect example of the kind of traffic you can draw to a store without the need for influencers or sensationalism. Gaiam simply focuses its efforts on offering helpful information of clear interest to its niche audience — yoga enthusiasts.

By making oneself an authority in your specific niche, you can build a group of loyal followers whom you can easily convert into customers. 

Master & Dynamic

Niche: Electronics

Estimated Traffic: ~13,500/month

This deluxe headphone company crafts stylish, elegant over-ear headphones and earbuds meant to impress as well as pump beats into your ears. 

Fitting with the spec-heavy niche of electronics and audio equipment, Master & Dynamic’s blog has a healthy mix of that kind of tech know-how (interviews with their Product team about engineering their products) with productivity tips for people who work from home. 

High-end headphones blur the line between electronics and lifestyle, and Master & Dynamic’s Shopify blog manages to walk that tightrope without falling. 


Niche: Health/Wellness

Estimated Traffic: ~122,000/month

Look out, Soylent — Huel is yet another “nutritionally complete” food intended for people looking for the most efficient way to get their essential nutrition for the day.

Fitting with Huel’s mission of efficiency, its blog is barely a blog at all — simply a series of around thirty blog posts that more completely answer the question of what Huel is, what’s in it, what it does, and how it compares to other competitors like Soylent

Huel’s a great example that you don’t necessarily need to keep updating your blog persistently to build and grow traffic to your store. Simply build a core set of high-quality blog posts and pages covering most major permutations of your niche, and fully answer the question of your product. 


Niche: Fashion and Clothing

Estimated Traffic: ~35,900/month

Much like MVMT Watches, Rhone is another clothing and accessory company with a slick, modern brand for young, modern men — this time providing “premium activewear engineered for men.”

Rhone’s blog, dubbed The Pursuit, styles itself as “The Journal for Men Who Dare to Endure” — part fitness blog, part wellness blog, part ode to masculine self-improvement. There, you’ll find “Work Out From Home” guides, health food guides, interviews with athletes, and more. 

It’s a solid gateway to building a brand one can trust — just like with the keto and yoga blogs we’ve mentioned above, establishing yourself as an authority in your particular niche will make people more inclined to buy your stuff. And, more importantly, writing more plentiful, diverse content will get more eyes on your store. 

Luxy Hair

Niche: Fashion and Clothing

Estimated Traffic: ~248,000/month

Thie store sells luxury hair extensions for women looking to change their look based on the occasion — as their website says, “for all of life’s moments, from routine to remarkable.” Sometimes feeling good means looking good, and Luxy plants its flag firmly in that fashion and luxury niche.

Their blog places a large emphasis on hair care and advice, like dealing with an itchy scalp or suggesting new hairstyles to try now that you’re stuck at home. But they also find time to specifically discuss how-tos and FAQs fo Luxy extensions, which certainly comes in handy for their prospective audience. 

Ridge Wallet

Niche: Accessories

Estimated Traffic: ~85,500/month

Of the Shopify blog examples we’ve provided on this list, the idea of a metal wallet doesn’t seem quite as vital as workout apparel or cat litter. But where Ridge Wallet stands out isn’t just in its minimalist, heavy-duty metal wallets, but its dedication to efficiency and minimalism in all its forms.

That extends to the store’s blog, which offers more than just explanations for why an RFID wallet might come in handy. It also sports interviews with athletes and influencers on what they carry in their Ridge wallet, tips for decluttering your life, and some essential tips for getting and using credit cards

In doing so, the Ridge Wallet blog draws eyes to themselves through more than just talking about their wallets: they lock on the niche of decluttering culture and position themselves as an ultimate solution for that. 

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